Do you know that the name “YATS” is actually “STAY” if it’s spelled backwards? It means “tinggal” in Indonesian. I discovered this place from social media—Instagram and the review about this hotel are mostly positive and it makes me want to review it by myself. By the way, it was so fun that Yats Colony pick me up with a caravan directly from the airport!

Yats Colony is a hotel along with a restaurant, so if you guys are in Jogja, don’t hesitate to visit this place even just the restaurant, it’s so instagram-able! They have 5 type of room if you want to stay there: HA, NA, CA, RA, KA. I stayed at the HA, this room has a design that is dominated in white. I like it how it appears to be so clean and stylist. The HA room type is actually a pretty big room if its compared to the other types. It’s a two level room and I personally think that it is unique, starts from the interior design to the art pieces around the room. They really look up for the details and it’s hard for me to find the negative side from this hotel, from the cleanliness, friendly staff that are so nice and welcome, and the whole toiletries, perfumed body wash and shampoo, trash bin even there’s a rocking chair and also cozy pillow and a light blanket.

They have a room service that serve many kinds of Indomie that could be ordered by phone, and I ordered Indomie Kornet Sosis. It didn’t take too long for the food to finally arrived and they also gave me a tray that has salt, chopped cayenne pepper along with chopstick, spoon, etc. They really are full of detail and I really am amazed by this hotel! The breakfast is at the 2nd floor in a same building as the restaurant which is at the 1st floor, and the receptionists are in the 1st floor too. They’re not only served Indonesian cuisine but also western food. They have rice, sandwich, smoothies and fruits, they really have everything.

The place also has a lot of spots to take a picture, for example the pool which is big & surrounded by trees and white buildings. I love it so much! I feel like I could be here for a long time, the morning air from the balcony is also the sweetest.

On the next day, I finally visited the restaurant and try one of the recommended dish there. “So Fluffy Brioche” and “Iced Red Velvet”.

For the detail and overall review, I love this place very much and very happy to recommend this to you who are not in Yogyakarta and want to stay here or just want to visit the restaurant. I will definitely be back to this hotel if I want to visit Yogyakarta again!<3.


Jl. Patangpuluhan No.23, Wirobrajan, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

2 thoughts on “YATS COLONY”

  1. Kak fir!! Selalu suka deh bacain blog kakak terutama karena style buat inspirasi ootdnya keren dan hasil fotonya bagus banget!!
    Keep it up!! 😍😍

  2. it’s too near my boarding house haha, this place too epic and give a different touch sensation of Hotels. Apalagi dengan angle foto terbaik bikin nambah recommend banget <3

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