One of the local product that you really need to check out. This product is locally from Aceh and it stands out for the natural ingredients for your skin!


They use chocolate as the main source of fat. Here’s something you need to know about the benefits of natural fat from chocolate. Chocolate fat is originally come from cocoa tree which contains serotine and polyphenols in it. You can google those words yourself. There are also ingredients that you might familiar to find in cocoa butter, and ingredients are vitamin A, C and E that help to prevent visible sign of aging, stimulate skin regeneration, remove stretch marks, get rid of old scars and many more. So, it’s proven to have beneficial element and it’s also safe for your skin since it didn’t have chemicals ingredients in it. Sometimes, there are tons of ingredients in your daily body lotion or even soap, for example in strawberry flavor, they use to tell you that it has real strawberry extract in it but it actually only got like 1% of the extract itself. I’m pretty sure you must have known this. Except for Yagi Natural, it only has a few ingredients, it’s clearly written down on the packaging along with all the goodnesses. Speaking of packaging, I’d like to talk about it. Well, beside its natural ingredients, the packaging is everything. I like how this product is well made and it really gives me a good first impression, I got it with a nice wooden box. It makes it more natural and right the first time I opened it, I literally can smell the scent inside of it. My favorite is the lip balm, it really helps heal my dry lips since my lips have been chapped for the last couple weeks. I can feel my lips are getting softer than before and it’s not chapped anymore after only a couple use of it. I’m loving it! But not only that, I also got some few cocoa butter things from the box; body care for after shower, soap and lip balm. I definitely will repurchase this brand! We surely have to support our local brand especially when it has a high quality product. I almost ran out of this lip balm and the lavender soap! Can’t wait to explore new other variants.


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