When In Thailand


I’ve watched so many thai movies, like a lot.

I love the ambience, I love the people, and also I love how they speak their language. Every time I watch Thai movie I always impersonate their language because it sounds cute, haha.
So, I went there with my two high school mates, Alya and Adam. I went because there’s a photoshoot for brand @blind_3d from Singapore. It’s always amazing to have a job based on your hobby + you can collaborate with your friends at the same time, it’s like work for fun!


So, this is my very first time trip to Thailand, let me tell you a bit of my 3 days stay there. i strolled around Bangkok with Tuk Tuk or Taxi. by the way if you may not know Tuk Tuk is a traditional transportation in Thaiand, It moves so fast like F1 car, Lol but true. Coincidentally, there’s an event called Artbox in Thailand, it’s like bazaar and you can see so many colorful lanterns there, they are very beautiful. And also there are a lot of unique foods and beverages.
We also went to Chinatown to eat Martabak, we joined Khimjularat, the model for Blinded Project and her manager, Ice. They’re super nice! I’m starting to missing them 🙁 On our second day in Bangkok, we went to the Mall, I kinda curious what’s the difference between the Indo McD and Thai McD, It IS different! so I tried Thai Mcd and it taste a little bit flat. But that’s okay cause at that time I was so hungry and Thai McD is Halaal so I don’t mind how does it taste. After that we walked around the street, as a tourist I noticed that the Thai people is very nice and everywhere we go they aren’t hesitate to say “Hi” or “Sawadekap” to us, they even say “Assalamualaikum” to me because they saw me wearing a hijab, super cute!! The point is Thailand is such a great place to be a short getaway! but we regret because we can’t stay longer there 🙁 THAILAND see you very very soon!!

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