For me, Eid al-Fitr is not always about the abaya,gamis or kaftan. This holiday is all about neat and sophisticated look. I’m more likely not to be over colored so I choose to stay serene and clean for the vibe, and soft color is always the answer.

I know you guys miss my blog post, don’t you all? Because some of you asked me what I’m about to post next, and please forgive me for keeping it for too long. Now, I want to share about an outfit that hopefully could inspire you to wear for this holiday! The theme for this outfit that I wore has a soft color. This top has a tulle fabric and it made my arm filled a little bit more. I paired it up with another tulle fabric for the skirt, which totally an interesting match, also the pearls are my favorite part. I really love to keep it simple and comfy while sleek and elegant at the same time. I added a slightly different color for my bag to make my look rather fresh than boring. What do you think about my look? I definitely think the color fit my skin tone so well, that it turns out I took so many pictures that day haha.

Please do not notice that much on the highlight, I’m aware that it’s too bright. You can find all my look from Jollychic, you daily readers must have familiar with Jollychic as I’ve purchased things from there. Anyway they are having a sale up to 80% and with my pleasure to give you more with another discount by using my code: firrr10

I put all the links down below so you could just click the photos! I also put other looks in Arabian style like abaya kaftan and there’s also a feminine style.

SKIRT // TOP // BAG //

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