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I’m not going to talk about the places you might already heard, this one is pretty far from the crowd of the city, if you are interested in looking for the scenic beaches, and love the relaxing vibe through its view, I’d like to recommend you to try out these 2 villas, it is located near Uluwatu, south-western tip of Bali


This one has a white ambience, the room also has a white bamboo decoration. You might be wondering why you would be the only local people who stay, and don’t question about the view. It has a bar, cafe with a pool inside the hotel, but it also has a private pool for some particular special rooms. A few tips from me, this villa has some pretty strict rules, so you can’t bring more than two people in one room unless you want to be scolded or evicted. Even bringing children is not allowed. In that case, this place might be the perfect one for a honeymoon! Beside that, it has a lot of perfect spot take a picture in many angles. The price range is IDR 1.000.000  – IDR 3.000.000 .



If you’re heading to this villa, I highly recommend to book a room with the ocean view, you can clearly see the ocean with the pool outside your room. I like everything about this villa. They don’t really have a lot of choices of room so you can really feel the calming sensation, just like you own the whole place. The foods are amazing, the staffs are really friendly, and the bathroom is outstanding! I can smell chocolate scent right when I enter the room, it’s so cozy. It’s perfect for family holiday and honeymoon or even for enjoying the sense of silence. The air breezes blissfully! The light is so perfect to take some photos with a blue sky above your head.
The price range is IDR 500.000 – IDR 1000.000


So, what do you think? Would you rather the white bamboo ambience, or a brown-ish vibes with full of trees?

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  1. Kak fir bikin blog nya coba pake bahasa indo dong jadi bisa tau, soalnya kan belum tentu semua bisa berbahasa Inggris:((

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