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It’s been a week since I have promised to make a review about Hana Tajima x Uniqlo scarf. As you all know Hana Tajima is a well known designer with her signature hijab style, Hana Tajima also succeeded to bring her hijab style all around the world. I know Hana Tajima from a high school friend of mine. At that time when I was going to face my Final Exam for Indonesian Language subject, we were told to make a presentation about someone who is inspiring and deserves to be a role model for everyone. And I was like, “Okay, my presentation will be about Hana Tajima.”

I think whatever Hana Tajima wears always one of a kind and unique. She inspires all muslimah out there. She is very beautiful, but there is something different beyond her beauty, she’s not just some pretty woman who wears a hijab and directly become famous, she has talent. What god has given is right now is just a temporary thing, like our looks right now, we don’t know when what we have will come back to it’s creator. But what we’ve done after all this time in life? For me it’s very important.


Back to the topic! I definitely like the material of this scarf, for sure! It’s very comfortable, and I love the texture, it’s not even hot to wear all over my head. When I first wear it, honestly, I didn’t know how to style it, I didn’t have the time to look up to tutorial, but I wear it anyways. Turns out that this scarf can be styled in many different ways. I bought the brown colored one, because it’s my favorite color. You guys have to try it, especially for those who wants to try a new hijab trend. So, the main point of my review is that Hana Tajima x Uniqlo scarf is super good and worth buying for!


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  1. Actually i wanna asking about diamond italiano ka. Harga diamond itu beda” dr 40-70 an and u as women who usually use diamond . beda harga beda bahan g sih atau sebenernya sma aj standart nya diamond bahannya gitu” aj ? THANK’S I HOPE U REPLY cause i need your help

  2. Hi Firaa, salam kenal.

    I just found your blog, and I enjoy reading it.

    You look so lovely in that scarf, and I love your outfit, especially those shoes!

    I recently bought a ‘Uniqlo x Hana Tajima SS16’ scarf, too, and I’m in love with it. I wore the scarf in my outfit post on my blog and write a review about the scarf also. Now it becomes my ‘go-to’ scarf because of its practicality, comfort and unique design.. Thanks to Hana Tajima and Uniqlo 😉

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