As many of you guys were asking me about all the beach tips such as do I get sunburns whenever I go to the beach or do I even swim when I’m at the beach, and also how I get rid of sunburns, so here are my answers to all the questions you guys asked.

I do often like to get into the water whenever I’m at the beach because who doesn’t, that’s why I always like to bring 2 extra shirts or leggings and scarf, also some wider fabric for the beach. Even if some beach has already got their own towels I still like to bring some of my own just for my stuff and my camera so that they’ll stay safe and protected from all the sands and water. For the fabric that I use, I usually got them from the fabric market and pick them myself. For the beach skin care, I use the Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk Beauty SPF 50. This is the most lightweight feeling sunscreen I’ve ever used that it stays good with my makeup on and it’s also super affordable. For the daily sunscreen I use the Sunscreen Invisible Shield from Glossier. It smells so good and I totally recommend these two!, The next tip is to always have lots of water and some good snacks with you because that’s what I always have with me whenever I’m at the beach. My tip for sunburns is, using a good quality olive oil and some 100% raw natural honey are the best ingredients for healing my sunburn whenever I got it because of forgetting sunscreen. I recommend you guys to only use at least the 80% raw and natural honey because of how it’s better for your skin and for you guys who asked where I got it, you can actually get it from some good local stores and markets or the internet just make sure those are the original ones.

Last but not least, take good pictures and capture the moments you love at the beach!

10 thoughts on “BEACH TRIP”

  1. Ka kenapa suka bgt sama brand glossier?
    Kyknya suka liat mulu di instagram kaka
    .oh iya coba sunscreen biore Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 hehe aku pake itu enak bgtt

  2. aww finally an article about sunburnt skin!! for me, i got burned soo easily such as from mere outdoor activities and it’s very hard to return my skin back to normal and even, it sucks really. thank you for your tips! i’m going to give it a try and i hope it’ll work. anyway, your outfit is on point as always <3

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