I love traveling, I mean who doesn’t?

Tasting new foods is also my favorite but most of the time pizza, french fries and potato wedges are on my top to-order list lol. Anyway, I love seeking for a good interior design in a café or restaurant hence you’ll often find me in those places with decent foods and drinks.
Let’s just dive in to my tips for travelling.

1. Make a research on the place that you want to go, and look for reviews on social media from people who have visited there wether it’s worthy or not, it is very important! I’m the kind of person who rather not to go to a place which has a bad review about it, for example there are a lot of pickpocket/robbers or just simply unpleasing.

2. Usually, I have made out the schedule of things to do from the morning until the night, this is very important to me because I used to forget everything. Anyway, google maps helps me a lot in looking for a route from my hotel or place where I stay, to the other places I want to visit whenever I go travelling. It feels more efficient to me and it could save some times. I once travelled with no time arrangement at all and it left me a mess, I kept going back and forth to a same place, everything just was in disorganized. For instance, there was no plan at all going to the beach but I went there and of course I didn’t prepare a sunblock, it was just like a nightmare to me.

3. Bring a bigger bag if you want to go all day long. A while ago, when I was travelling I brought a suitcase to carry my stuff, apparently the place that I want to visit was quite far from my hotel and the plan was to spend the day outside, so there was no way for me to go back to the hotel during the day, so the suitcase that I brought could packed my camera, my other outfits for me to change that could be twice a day— I used to bring a spare outfit that won’t be wrinkled easily, also with a make up for a retouch, and wet tissues and normal face tissues, and last, have I mentioned sunglasses? Anyway, it was so practical because it is a suitcase and all you need to do is push it around, it doesn’t weigh that much and won’t hurt your shoulder.

4. For a place that isn’t too far, I used to bring a camera bag that is not too big and a regular small purse.

5. My camera for travelling? That would be Sony A 7R mark ii with 50mm lens. This camera didn’t really take too much space and it’s not heavy. I think it’s a perfect one for a professional shot result and not too big to carry.

6. I’m not always using my professional camera, sometimes I use my iphone to take daily pictures, because it’s not that simple to carry around my camera everywhere. If the light is on point and the sky is bright, taking picture with my phone is good enough for me. The main thing is, don’t forget to capture every moment whenever you go travelling!

7. Don’t forget to bring your skincare! This tips quite important because sometimes, when we travel we surely use make up, we go to a place where the sun hits directly to the skin like go hiking the mountain, or even just stay indoor in café or hotel with an AC room. Those activity needs a care for the skin. For me, I would bring an extra facemask to make sure my face won’t get dull while travelling. If you want to have a flawless make up with a natural look while travelling, you’ll also need to take care of your skin beforehand.

8. Searching for a flight in weekdays could save up your money, I used to purchase tickets on weekdays wether for a departure or return because somehow it gets more pricey on the weekend.

9. Before visiting a place that we want to go, we should know wether the place is open for public or we have to pay first, or even if that’s a restaurant we have to look for a review online and match it with our budget. We also need to prepare the costume for certain places, there are some places with some strict rules to enter like wearing appropriate outfit, such as no sandals or a t shirt.

10. Always bring your id. Having your id/passport around along with your atm cards is better be in one place and you have to really take care of it, don’t ever lost it or forget to bring those things. Last but not least, have some fun!

6 thoughts on “TIPS, TRAVELLING”

  1. Nice Tips

    Btw poin 1 dan 2 itu menurut gua paling penting,karena kalo planning udah kesusun rapih jadi gabakal kebingungan untuk cari tempat wisata

    Tipsnya bermanfaat banget buat yang suka travelling

  2. I like your blog, thx for the tips. I guess I would be back here to get another tip or some inspirations.

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