Here’s my recent update about

my summer in Bali!

Even though I’m sort of breaking the little rule of of not wearing black in summer days, I still do. But this time I’m loving the floral kimono trend that’s actually been going on forever because of how classic and elegant it looks for the summer.The red flower details and red fringes on the sleeves makes it even more elegant and fancy. I love how weighty the material is because of how it falls perfectly on the body without being too heavy for a casual look.

The pattern is quite interesting because it has only few florals in just the perfect size plus, it’s a silky material which is my favorite. to wear this, I’m pairing it with a black shirt and a black palazzo pants, also my favorite Lafiye black scarf. I also popped some silver jewelries to this outfit such as silver rings and silver bangle.

As usual, I also have my favorite glasses that I actually got from the thrift shop a while ago and guys, I actually have some minus and cylinder measures in it because I don’t have such that perfect sight to be honest. I like to have my other fashion glasses with the perfect measures in it because sometimes I switch things up even though this one is pretty much what I wear most of the time.

For the shoes, I love the trend of this classic slip ons that is minimalist and black yet still classy an put together. I got this lovely slip on from Jolly Chic, and just in case you’re wondering Jolly Chic Indonesia is now available online. I’ve been obsessed with this slip on as you guys who follow me on my Instagram can see me wearing it quite often. It has such a minimal and clean detail to it which is the gold cain and it’s really comfortable to wear for any occasions!

For the place, I’m having this OOTD at KIM SOO which is actually a place where it sells cute accessories and interesting stuff and I find places like this quite eye catching. It also has a cafe in it that sells pretty good food in affordable price and that’s a plus.

So I would like to ask you guys what else should I post about my Bali Trip that you would like to see, leave a comment down below and I would love to hear from you guys! :).



16 thoughts on “THE SUMMER TREND”

  1. Hii firr ur my role model bngtt, aku suka banget style kamu verry goodlooking, btw i still wait for more blog mix and match ur style hijab, love u xoxo

  2. SOOOO KYUDDHHH FIRR! want to know your skin care during your summer trip!! Cause why you are sooo gorgeous😍😍

  3. Kak buat youtube please, mau kenal kk lebih dekat, suka bgt sama make up look kakak everyday, hope you acc my request 💝
    Mau dibuatin tutorial make up nyaa, yg buat aku mengenal kak fiirrr 💝💝💝

  4. Selaluu sukakkk post-an nya. Selalu jadi insipirasi untk orang lain . Dan selalu ciptakan yg baru .ah sukak pokoknya 😂😍😍💞
    Semangat terus ka firaaa!!!!

  5. don’t know why i always love your ootd, pictures, and also “you”. what filter did you use for those pictures? thankyou loveeee❤❤❤

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