Hey guys! In this blog I’m going to be talking all about my positive circle and how I would like you to be in your own vibe circle too.

First of all, what I meant by positive circle or vibe circle is the people and things I surround myself with. Such as my good friends, my job that I’m passionate about and also all of you who are supporting and giving me amazing feedbacks that I’m grateful for (hehe thankyou so much).

This talk is based on my conversation with a good friend of mine one afternoon while having this nice tea time of the day. We were talking about how we can always get to surround ourselves with good stuff and always maintain the positive mind also positive friendships and we came out with some tips to share with you guys in this blog.

I always like to surround myself with positive friends and for me, we never have to choose friends that have the exact same characters and personalities as ours. Because people are inspired and motivated by other people and often times, friends who are different in a good way can always inspire and motivate us to do a lot of new things by supporting us in their own way.

As for this time, my good friends Georgia and Yola are two my positive people who I enjoy hanging out with not because we all have the same personalities but it’s because we all maintain the positive vibe around us.

In fact, the most important things to value in a friendship are loyality and trustworthiness.

Being in the best positive circle is a learning process and it doesn’t happen right away. We have to be able to choose our friends carefully and also let go of the people who are negative because their negativity will definitely rub off within us and makes us negative too. Of course, I’m not saying that we have to ditch everyone right away when they’re being negative, but it’s important to just make some space with people who affects your positivity and keep the positives friends closer.

Here are some tips on how to surround yourself with positive people:

Radiate positive vibe. To surround yourself with positive people and have positive friendship, you have to first spread positivity and simply be positive and know that you are all about the positive vibe people could give you.
Appreciate your friends. To stay positive and keep the good friends around, we have to appreciate who and what we have instead of thinking of what we don’t because when we appreciate, we will be given more than we expect.
Stay out of bad vibe and talking bad about other people. Cause why would you wanna be with someone who talks bad about other people right?
Support each other’s goals and passion. Supporting others’ goals and passion is just like appreciating their existence. So don’t be negative and be a friend who cheer them up to where they want to be.
Always make time in times of no time. Yes, I just made it sound weird but trust me making time for a good friend is the best way to have fun and keep your friend at the same time instead of having no time at all.
Listen. What I meant by listen is to understand, and not just let them talk. Sometimes we’re too overwhelmed by our own stuff and problems without looking at what someone else is through and a good friend is a friend who listens.
Have fun. Who doesn’t like to be with someone who’s always having fun.


Besides being around positive people, I also really love to surround myself with good places and surroundings such as for this time, the loveliest Idee Conceptor (@Ideeconceptor) is the one decorating my tea time for the evening and I’m totally impressed with how it turned out. I really like the details and how they give some expensive touch to the little things. Making your surrounding look pretty definitely is a good way to stay positive.


You can’t have a good vibe without your favorite food and here’s to my favorite sushiiiii. Pardon my face, I’m always way too excited for my food.

Special Thankyou

instagram : @Ideeconceptor

and my favorite scarf @Lafiye_


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