‘Taste the Classic’ Magnum


Who doesn’t love ice cream?

I really love ice cream. So. Much. It’s such a mood booster! Especially these three variants Classic from Magnum that tasted yummy and addicting! And I have the chance to be involved in this Magnum’s champaign. I was invited to come to the event ‘Taste The Classic Magnum’ at Magnum Café Grand Indonesia.

The event started from 01.30 pm untill 04.00 pm. I was so happy because this event discussed so much about classing things, like, classic music, classic movie, classic fashion. And two of the speakers are producer of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta movie, and also the actor, Nicholas Saputra. In my own opinion, classic fashion is never out of time and never gets old, fashion that looks elegant, decent and simple. People these days is tend to wear this classic and monochrome look and still look very neat!


Hijab fashion in Indonesia has been developing from time to time, with the majority of citizens are Moslem, hijab fashion industry were also growing rapidly. Many trends appear and suddenly disappear, unlike classic fashion that never out of time. When we talk about classic fashion you guys must’ve been remembered about Paris, right? Women in Paris tend to not following the trend, they prefer to make their own trend with their fashion that look pretty neat and elegant. Well, I hope hijab fashion industry in Indonesia can be as I wish in the future to be more simple yet elegant with more neutral and soft colours.


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