Yogyakarta always has its own memory that could make me happy

My mom and my dad met here, therefore I always feel delighted whenever I visit this special town. I used to go to here a couple times whether with my family or my friends and this time I got called to do a talk show about my book which is collaborated with Erisca “Sekeping Hati”. If you guys never heard about the book, you could try to purchase one and I guarantee you won’t ever regret, happiness and sorrow are fully packed in this book!

Before I go traveling, I used to make well-planned list of places that I want to go, along with my outfit that I want to wear. Even though I went there for work, I used to take a time to visit some places I’ve never never been in. This time, I visited the sunflower field. I wore all yellow-orange outfit mixed with jeans and knitted purse with gajih fabric along with my white Nike that could make it eye-catching. I barely wear a colorful outfit but I think it’s safe to say that it’s okay as long as I could mix and match all the color and yet still look simple.

A little fact about me, I really love the yellow color since I was a kid. In fact, I used to have a yellow raincoat, yellow boots and yellow umbrella. A little did you know, I was a big fan of Pikachu and Lala from Teletubies, until middle school when I started to like brown color, and until now.

Here are some pictures at the sunflower field.

Fortunately, the field is located near my hotel and it only took 25-30 minute.

I stayed at Jogloplawang Resort, and I’m going to review this hotel on the next post!

Location : Taman Dewari, Baturono, Salam, Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56484.

8 thoughts on “THE SUNFLOWER GARDEN”

  1. Aaak, Bagus banget ka.. Selalu suka sama postnya ka firr diblog 😊 kemaren belum bisa ketemu, next time kejogja lagi ya kak.

  2. Then now i should admit that you’re more than lovely lady. Flow through the passion you’re loving at, you slowly harvest the seeds you cultivated along the way. I love every single pictures you posted (not every shot you took bcause sometimes people keep in the key of privacy) in instagram particularly, it somehow give me the sense of artsy. Yet, the fancy is there.
    Cool,keep it up!

  3. Ii sama bgt yg dari kecil suka kuning, suka pikachu dan lala. Jujur aku baru follow kaka di ig waktu itu ada os yg ngetag kaka, aku jadi penasaran dan ternyata wow, where you’ve been? you’re such an unix-moslem-selebgram. Gimana ya kaka itu ga kaya hijabers lainnya. Sukak deh pokonya sama kaka. Langsung kepincut ditambah lagi baca blog eneeeeh. Wagelaseeeeh, much love kaka. xoxo

  4. sukak sekali dan menggemaskan! alhamdulillah kalo ka firrr suka sama rekomendasi tempatnyaaa 💖 so, kapan ke jogja lagi? Hahaha

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