I’ve been to Bromo once before, but the experience I got were so different from this trip! Spent a lot of my time reminding myself of how little things such as traveling with my friends and seeing sunrise can bring so much happiness in me.

Last week I spent my time traveling with my best friends to Malang, and we make sure to spare some time to visit Bromo. I’ve went here before with the intention to see the sunrise, but sadly I couldn’t make to see it on time. So, therefore in this trip we went with a full hope, prayers, and determination to at least have a chance to see the famous sunrise at Bromo. And finally! We made to see it! I couldn’t express how happy and grateful I am to finally see such beautiful scenery in front of me.

What’s also different in this trip is we made a decision to use a travel agent. And I must say; That this had made my life so much easier! I use Potoppoy Travel in this trip, and they have helped me so much in preparing all the things we need in this vacation such as ticketings and reservations. One less problem for me since I don’t have to prepare it all by myself! They also take me to beautiful places that I’ve never seen before and tell me which spots that are suit for taking beautiful pictures.

Oh, and in this trip I managed to brave myself riding a horse! I was so surprised since I couldn’t ride it before because I was too scared to fall, hehe. All I could say about this trip is that it was so fun and I was so happy to spent my time with my friends and to experience all the exciting things here in Bromo!

TRAVEL : @Potoppoy.Travel

And have you ever went to Bromo before? I am so curious to hear all the things you did, so make sure to tell me your stories!


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