Many people asked me ‘How to get a nice potrait that looks attractive even with a close up angle’, ‘How to setting the camera?’, ‘How to do the blurry effect to the object?’

First, you have to understand well about the setting and the capability of your camera.
Second, what lense that you use, I suggest you to use F lense under F5.6.

I often use 50mm f1.2 fixed lense from Canon to create a focused and bokeh picture.


For the camera setting you have to fully understand the basics of photography, what is ISO, what is Speed, what is Diaphragm, what is photo’s composition, or technique of capturing photo like shallow depth of field and long depth of field.

If you have a camera and have all the tools of it but you don’t know how to use it because you’re not a photographer, you have to undestand how to use it and take care of it.

For a night view I suggest you to use a tripod. If you want to take pictures of people I suggest you to communicate well with the people you want to capture, because by communicating you will gain a sense of a deep realtion with the object.. You have to know which angles your model looks best.

After you capture a picture I suggest you to the edit the picture by Lightroom or Photoshop. Good luck!


  1. Hai. Mau tanya dong kamu pake kamera dan tipe apa??

    Kalo mau beli kamera budget max 8jt kamu ada saran kamera apa? thx bfore yaa

  2. This is so motivating for me to work harder as I want to become a photographer some day, it’s so inspiring how things work with just a little touch of the camera setting and the lenses. Thank you! and Good luck 🙂

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