Who went to the pop up muslim market event on Eid?

Ugh, I was there and so many Muslim clothes were sold there. There was more than 50 brands. The place was at Senayan City The Space. When I went there, there was so many Muslim Fashion merchandise and guess what? There was a small stage where they were discussing Hijab tutorials! It was really exciting! While I shop, I can also watch Hijab tutorials, and the most exciting thing were the seats provided there 🙁


sometimes I tend to get tired walking around and its torture when there are no seats. In my opinion, I think they were really thinking about how they could make the pop up market event be as comfortable as it can be for visitors. There were places to eat as well, so for you guys who have already walked around for the whole day and it was already time to break fast, you can break fast there. Definitely it takes a long time to shop especially with all the brands provided there.







So I am going to tell you from the moment I entered, I was so interested with the smell that I smelt. I thought the air was so fragrant but it turns out there was a hand body and perfume store, I like it so much! The fragrance smelt really good despite how quite far it took for me to get there. And I also found a ring store! Its my favorite accessory and the store was complete with rings 🙁 the ring fits on every finger. So instead of being sold as one by one but directly a lot. And the most thing that I have been waiting on is the brand Rani Hatta! Its not a secret anymore since its obvious that I like this brand, the colors suit me and I have fallen in love with the material and the model of the clothing. I also went to other places that really do recommend to you guys. I hope this even will be held on every ramadhan month, so I won’t have a headache in finding lebaran clothes! Very exciting!





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