I used to have a lot of followers in a platform called As*fm before I was getting started and staying active on Instagram. People seem to like my answers and opinions on every question, that’s why I prefer to write things and I found myself the best at stating opinions. But then, I stopped using As*fm for good. I’ve never told anyone why I’m not active in that platform anymore. I just feel like to disappear and be more active on Instagram and write a blog. The reason is….

The reason is that in every day, every hour and even every minute there were tons of new questions, and tons new likes. I should’ve been feeling good about it but I turned out feeling worried because those questions mostly came from anonymous and they asked about many things.

I got a lot of weird questions day by day and they even started to ask about my physical appearance on why I look different than others, why I got tiny eyes, sharp jawline, flat nose, thick lips and even my big head. People feel like those features don’t belong on my face. Someone once told me that I look like mat, and then I googled a mat and here’s the picture of a mat and my face.

Wow, what a big imagination they got and it leaves me speechless.

I was at my lowest point in life once, thinking about what people think of me and then I asked my dad, “Why do I look like this” he got confused and he knew that something is going on, because he also knew that I’m the kind of person who has a high level of confidence since forever. I remember when I was in an elementary school, I used to volunteer myself to have a speech in front of the class and even joining the Quran reading competition (wow) (proud).

Anyway, back to the topic about my insecurity. My dad told me, “Why do you have to care about people that you don’t even know on how they think of you? Everyone is beautiful in their own way, Fira, you should’ve been proud of yourself, you don’t sell out your physical appearance to be who you are, you got amazing skills to show the world instead of using your beauty, beauty fades as the time goes by, but skill doesn’t, skill will always be by your side and it’ll always be useful either for you or people around you”, and then I smiled, and I just realized that I’m blessed with skills, I’ve studied photography for years and become photographer and also I have this life to be thankful for. Seeking for things that we don’t have is endless, but if we look around on what we already have, there are way too many things that we can be grateful for. I’m grateful for the all the physique that I have and I’m aware to not complaining about it because Allah knows best, this is the best life Allah has ever given, we just need to take care of it.

I thought to myself, why do I have to feeling down because of people who got nothing to do but criticizing others and even the physique that God has given us? What do they expect? Change my appearance? Even if I do that they’d still be bully me. The fact is, no matter how nice you are, there would still be people out there who hate you. I’m sure those hateful people are still relying on their parents’ money, becoming a burden, and they might have a lack of attention, that’s why they seeking one to become the center of it. I honestly feel bad for them, because one day they’ll regret it, when they being treated the way they used to treat others.

Sometimes, people tend to forget to use their kindness to compliment others, but if they see someone doing something that they don’t like, they will be happy to bullying, judging and spreading hates towards that person. Let me ask you this, how many times have you said nice things to others today? And how many times have you talked bad thing to others today? Why is it so easy to talk bad things to people without hesitation, embarrassing others in public or just typing hateful words on social media? rather than giving a simple nice word and compliment other even just with a simple emoji. You really got nothing to lose to compliment people instead of hating them.

If there’s a thing that we might don’t like from other people, it is better for us to tell them personally or meeting them in person, or if we don’t know them personally, we can just give them a massage or it is better for us to shut our mouth, keep it for our self because not everything has to be left said.

Lately, I’ve been doing giveaway for all of you to win an eyeshadow palette. The rule is simple, people just need to explain why they follow me on social media and give the reason why it is important to make it more positive. I got thousands of responds and I’m so happy to know that my followers are so positive and they’re not afraid to show some love, even more, they give some advices to make social media become positive. There are also people who don’t really want the price, they just be there to give a nice comment and some good advices. I feel so blessed and I want you guys to feel the same as I do, because I really respect each one of you, and you guys really have a good and kind heart, and also I hope you all will always talk nice things to other and be positive as always in the future.

I’m not perfect, no one is perfect, you can’t just tell other people to be perfect. We need to see someone from the positive side, that’s one of the reason why I’m not really open when it comes to updating content about my daily activity, a love life, friendships, just everything on social media. I just want you guys to know that I’m a blogger and I’m a photography, I want show the world what I wanted them to know, which is what I’m good at.

I hope by reading this post I could inspire you to look around and realize that a single hateful word could affect others in so many ways, so does the kind or loving word, it could brightened up everyone’s day.





  1. Hai kak fira the reason why i follow you on ig karena aku sempet liat km jualan kerudung. Terus tp jadinya aku follow kamu juga. Aku suka sm foto foto kamu karena aku baru pake kerudung dan suka sm gaya casual kamu and lately ternyata km fotografer yaaa! Awalnya aku pikir km designer jugaaa kak.
    Btw aku belum pernah liat blog kamu, dan ini pertama kalinya aku baca. Makasih ya kak. Aku gabisa bilang hari ini aku ngomongin hal baik atau buruk karena aku tipe orang yang sama kyk kamu. Suka dibully dan insecure level high. Dan aku lebih suka menghabiskan waktu sendiri, di kamar tanpa interaksi dengan orang banyak. Tapi to be honest tulisan kamu yg ini mengubah mindset aku hari ini loh. Aku lagi super worry, takut, cemas, sedih, bingung and it always happen when it closer to Monday fyi aku baru sebulan kerja dan lagi adaptasi. Dan satu hal kak fir, kamu gapernah bisa tau bahwa tulisan kamu bisa mempengaruhi dan berpengaruh buat orang, dan thanks a lot kamu membuat aku nyaman sama diri aku sedari aku baca tulisan diatas karena menurut aku kalimat yg tadi ayah kamu bilang itu emang penting banget, and yas kita mesti bersyukur ya kak. Have a nice day ka fira, semoga kita selalu jadi perempuan yang bersyukur degan titipan dari Allah ini ya. Aku senang bisa menunjukkan rasa ini lewat kata kata i hope ini gak mengganggu kamu ya kak. Sukses selalu ka, smg langkah kamu selalu dijaga dan diberkahi Allah SWT. Amin

  2. Being blessed is the key to always have positive minds. I’ve been following you for a quite long time. And I’m glad to let you know that honestly you are one of my reasons why I finally decided to wear hijab. Coz you’ve showed me that, being in hijab wont make us feel like we’ll lose our beauty, but it will make us feel even so much more beautiful. What I am trying to say is, you really are beautiful and in fact that, we can’t please everyone, and people will always judge us no matter what we do. Coz maybe you have more insteresting life than theirs. Stay spread the positive energy, Kak Fira! And stay inspiring. Because I believe that many people love and adoring you. Including me❤️

  3. Suka banget baca tulisannya Kak Fira, selalu menginspirasi dan bikin pembaca jadi percaya diri sendiri. Kak Firrr you’re my women crush everyday. I love you. 💚

  4. Gue komen seperti ini bukan karena gue ingin menang giveaway, tapi memang karena selama gue jadi followers lo di Instagram dan blog, gue memang jarang komen. Paling sering gue like aja. Menurut gue, di jaman dimana hampir semua orang menderita penyakit ‘sangat-tidak-percaya-diri’ akut, kepercayaan diri lo menjadi hal yang gue kagumi. Gue selalu berandai-andai, kapan gue bisa bersyukur dan se-percaya diri itu ke diri gue sendiri.

    Gue tidak pernah meninggalkan komentar negatif ke orang lain melalui internet, setidaknya dari apa yang gue ingat sejauh ini. Gue pun gk pernah dapat komentar jahat di internet karena memang gue gk punya followers beratus-ratus ribu. Tapi entah kenapa sebagai perempuan gue bisa merasakan apa yang lo ceritakan. Yang lebih menyedihkan adalah perempuan sering sekali menjatuhkan perempuan lain. Sedih kan. Miris.

    Entah kenapa gue nulis panjang lebar kaya gini, gue cuma mau bilang, please tetap lakukan apa yang sekarang sudah lo lakukan. Tetap share outfit lo di Instagram, tetap share pengetahuan lo tentang makeup, dan tetap nulis di blog karena percaya deh ada orang-orang yang benar-benar merasa terbantu dengan apa yang lo lakukan. Salah satunya gue. Gue berharap lo gk akan pernah kehilangan rasa percaya diri lo dan supaya lo terus berbagi konten-konten positif di internet.

  5. I’m totally agree with your opinion about how people used social media. Many people just used it for hating someone and make it like competiton to be the perfect one person. We need criticizing, but we also put an advices to build up their spirit, don’t just say any words without reason and don’t thinking about their hearts with our words.
    Kak Fira you were inspired me with all your words on your blog. You shares positivity for many people and makes people like we must to grateful with all we have now. And you also inspiring me to wear hijab too, although i know wearing hijab was our obligation to be moslem. But, then i just confused. If i were hijab i can’t get a great job. I’m still study in SHS by the way, that’s why i was thinking about job hihi. And i looked at you. You wear hijab too and still can being a good photographer and enjoy your work. You are true, Allah knows best.
    Keep inspiring and keep positive Kak.
    Loves, Ghina

  6. Suka banget sama tulisan Kak Fir. Setiap katanya selalu menginspirasi dan menyebarkan kebaikan. Keep inspiring, Kak 💙💙💙

  7. Hi kak, this is the best article I’ve ever read. I want to encourage u to keep do what you love. Don’t listen to someone who like to underestimate you. Kak, if u have a bucket of apple and one of ’em is rotten, u just need to get rid of it. Its like u, there r a lot of people who accept who u r, support everything u do, and always praise u, and one day u meet someone that underestimate u, u just need to ignore ’em. Keep inspiring kak, ❤❤❤

  8. Hi kak, this is the best article I’ve ever read. I want to encourage u to keep do what you love. Don’t listen to someone who like to underestimate you. Kak, if u have a bucket of apple and one of ’em is rotten, u just need to get rid of it. Its like u, there r a lot of people who accept who u r, support everything u do, and always praise u, and one day u meet someone that underestimate u, u just need to ignore ’em. Keep inspiring kak, ❤❤❤

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