One of my problematic situations is my hair get damped and not fresh when I’m home after a long day wearing hijab. It could be happened because of I wear my hijab pretty much all day long, doing some activities under the sun and my hair is always being tight, and those things cause me to have a dandruff on my hair! And then, I got offered to use this new shampoo from Wardah but I told them that I need to really use it and I will make an honest review about it later haha. I’ve known this brand for a long time but only make up stuffs. But then, after I discovered that they launched new ranges of product and being offered to try these, I’m really down for that!

These are 4 variants of Wardah Shampoo

1. Wardah Hairfall Treatment Shampoo

Benefit: reduce hair fall and damage

2. Wardah Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Benefit: Freshen up and reduce the dandruff

3. Wardah Daily Fresh Shampoo

Benefit: refresh and smooth the hair

4. Wardah Nutri Shine Shampoo

Benefit: Glows the hair shine and reduce the branched hair

After a week of using this regularly, my dandruff is gotten rid of gradually and I love the scent of it. Anyway, I got all the 4 variants and I’ve tried them all. My favorite is the Anti Dandruff because it has peppermint extract in the ingredients and it gives a cool sensation on my head, it feels so fresh! The fragrance is what I love the most and it stays long enough on my head, and I love how they only use natural ingredients which are Halal in no doubt. Wardah is a local product and that’s why it appeals me most of the time. I’m still using this for about two weeks right now and I hope that my hair will be dandruff-free after a month!
If you still have a doubt about this, you can ask me in the comment section down below. For the price, don’t you worry about it because I think it’s friendly even for student! So, what do you think? Are you guys excited to try these?

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