Olaa! I’m back with the answer of so many of your requests and questions about what make up products that I have been using since forever!

I finally will grant your wish! I’m here to discuss about it, one by one, and I will give the reason

Note : It’s not makeup tutorial!



1. Primer

I use 2 primer, NIVEA Men Post Shave Balm and Benefit Porefessional. I can choose which one from these two I like the most. I usually wear the NIVEA one when traveling all day. For Benefit which is matte finish and NIVEA is a little bit oily but it has no problem after I put my make up on.


2. Concealer

YSL Concealer Shade 2.5
I really love this concealer. It directly absorbs into my skin and it really covers mu eye bags with surprisingly super natural result. Actually it also can be use as a highlighter and I love the packaging, so classy gold coloured pen.


3. Mascara
Marc Jacobs Mascara
I have changed mascara multiple times from the super cheap ones that people say are good, from the super expensive ones and it turns out that it wasn’t waterproof and it was super hard to remove. I have used a brand whose mascara is good but every time I try to remove it, my eyelashes fall off. So its kind of frustrating, and in the end I found a good mascara that doesn’t ruin my eyelashes which is also waterproof and makes it look curved. Its the most favorite Mascara.


4. Face Powder
I’m not promoting the hijab for wardah but seriously this product is good. I really like using the face powder and I have never changed it because it suits my face. I am not the type to use the heavy ones when I am just going to use it for awhile, when I go out or go to the mall. So I just use a face powder that can be applied for everyday uses that won’t make pimples appear. Eversince I first used the face powder, I have never changed to another.


5. Eyeliner
For the eyeliner, of course it will be Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Kat Von D is the number 1 eyeliner in Sephora in the United States. I don’t know why the collection isn’t complete in Indonesia’s Sephora and there aren’t any Kat Von D but oh well. But I also have an eyeliner whose brand is Sleek and thats good as well.


6. Eyebrow
Anastasia Baverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade shade Ash Brown.
I always use this because its obviously a good product. I can’t really explain why its good but its just good. Haha. I haven’t seen a review about how this brand is awful so I highly recommend it! And I also have a benefit goof brow pencil and its my first time using it and I use it for just filling in the parts that didn’t blend.


7. Foundation
For this one, I hardly use foundation but I have tried many types of foundation but my face turned weird and I don’t know why. Maybe its because the foundation was too thick and hard on my face so when hours pass the foundation feels hard and it starts to peel off my skin. So this is the reason why I hardly use foundation except for important events. But I still have to at least have 1 foundation and I choose Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This foundation is crazy good. Its really good and super thin I once used it from 8 in the morning until nighttime and it never changed instead it looked even more natural. But for the first time it already looked natural and if you touch it, it doesn’t stain. Also it doesn’t crack and it blends very well. I am so in love with this foundation.


8. Contour
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Kit Light to Medium. In my opinion as long as I have used this product, it didn’t disappoint and is always good.


9. Highlight
Becca Highlight
This is the best highlight that I have ever used because the highlight directly appears even though I only brushed it once and it blends super. I have also seen lots of good reviews about Becca.

10. Lipstick
Finally, I’ve reached to the lipstick that I like and these are the brands that I have and like. Mac, ColourPop, KylieLipKit, The Balm, YSL, NYX Lingerie, LimeCream, LA girl. Btw, for those who knows Purbasari, I also like that but it doesn’t last long. The one that I like the most for everyday use is The Balm and NYX. And for important events, KylieLipKit, YSL and Mac are the best choices. Btw, I have lots of colors from Nude to Dark Bold and I mostly like Bold Matte. For a simple and nude look I use Mac Kinda Sexy and KylieLipKit Exposed.


All of the things that I have discussed and written is based on my own personal opinion, and I like each one that I use. But a little advice for wearing make up even though its face powder, always clean it and don’t forget to take care of your skin when you’re putting on make up. So far, pimples hardly form on my face because I take care of it from the inside as well by drinking juice and using Face Mask Treatment. And the most important advice, is that before picking the makeup that you want to use, see the review first but and not it doesn’t suit all people or the skin. I’m happy that I could finally share this to you guys, hopefully you all like! And don’t forget to comment your opinion.




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