I’m interested in adding some new list of colors which I rarely use, I don’t really like green but this dress is exceptional, maybe it’s because of the pattern and the green itself is not too dark. For those who are not wearing hijab, the length of this dress is pretty short to your thigh and usually you don’t really need bottoms for that. I wear hijab so that I need to wear a trouser and a long sleeve t-shirt(manset) to cover the chest area that is quite too exposed for that dress. I bought all of my long sleeves at UNIQLO, and also I got all the colors from cream to black, with all of the different length from my arm to my hands. It is pretty important for me to use a long sleeves(manset) because I like to wear blazers. For the trouser, I didn’t use a skinny trousers even tho that I know by using this dress with a wide trouser would make me look shorter but it’s fine for me. Sometimes, we just need to wear something that makes us comfortable and accept the fact that we are short.

You can get this dress and the sandal from the Zalora app.
And here’s the link: TOP, SANDAL.
Don’t forget to use my voucher code “ZALORAXFIRA” to get 15% discount with a minimum purchase IDR 250k, and it can be used on sale items too, soooooooooooo what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

7 thoughts on “MY FLORAL WRAP DRESS”

  1. Awesome to hear “we just need to wear something that makes us comfortable and accept the fact that we are short.” 😍. For the next article about how consideration mix n match from head to toe by fira, please 😊

  2. I always wonder where did you buy your hijab?? I like the way that its not transparent and gives you volume. Where did you buy those? And how many colors do you have because it seems that you have all kinds of colors 😂

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