Mayyada & Heidar

This is the best year! My cousin is finally getting married, and offered me a chance to take photos of their pre-wedding.

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing two people uniting in an authorized bond, I’m so happy for them. The theme for their wedding is as simple as it can be. They want is as simple and as great as it can be, because in an Islamic pre-wedding, you can’t do a kissing and hugging pose so you have to be carefully because you’re not legalized yet.

You know the hardest thing in this photo shoot is that we all know each other, the stylist itself is my cousin, and the makeup artist as well is my cousin. My cousin’s sister is also join. So, we do more laughing and joking all around than the work we’re supposed to do. But the results is unexpectedly always satisfying, and they love it. I’m happy that they like the results!

So, this is the results I wanna show you, guys. Maybe this can be an inspiration for those who want to marry soon. This is such an enjoyable year for me. Congratulations for Mayyada & Heidar!

mayyada heidar


mayyada heidar


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