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I will be talking about my new favorite perfume of all time which is the Marjolaine Perfume. What catches my attention the first time I saw it, was its pretty pretty packaging! The packaging is really eye catching and floral which I love, plus it’s a local brand. I’m honestly so into local brands which have such high qualities and can be given as a gift and also as dowry. Of course, a long lasting perfume is the best so there are enough benefits in this product.

Marjolaine perfume has over 40 variants which are grouped into 3 other types and they are:

The Fresh Luxury
The Soft Elegant
The Strong Classic

So far I have owned one variant for each type, the fact that I don’t really like a bottled perfume because of how it doesn’t fit well in my purse whenever I go out, I like to always bring the mini version or some kind of roller perfume for traveling and leave the bottled ones in my room instead. However, this perfume fits perfectly inside my purse and my traveling bag like wonders. I have also tested wearing it for the whole day and after couple of hours I’m quite impressed by how long-lasting the scent stays on my body because even I could smell its scent.

For an honest review of mine, I’m really happy with how a local brand perfume can have such a good quality and my personal favorite from this collection is the “Elite” because of how fresh and feminine it smells. So for you guys who are excited to try it out just like I did, I recommend you guys this variant which is the “Elite”.

Will I repurchase these perfumes, when I’m out of them?


If you wanna love them as much as I do, be sure to check out and grab their perfume collection at IG , enjoy your day smelling great!.



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