My passion as a photographer and a blogger doesn’t really take indoor activities but often outdoor, it’s very important for me to always protect the health of my skin.

These days what I really like is using some brightening lotion for my hand to protect it from the sun and also even up the skin tone, because of how I often get myself outdoor for my daily activities that makes my skin tone a little uneven. When I found out that this pretty good lotion in gel format from Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion is exactly what I needed, with no hesitation I directly tried it for myself and it didn’t fail me at all. It evens up my skin tone brighter and it has some cooling sensations too. The fact that it has got all that I need in a lotion is probably because it has some vitamin B3, seaweed and lime which is perfect for nourishing my skin. Plus, what’s best about it is that it doesn’t get too sticky and absorbs smoothly and here’s why you guys should try it too!

I love layering it on my skin right after shower or right before going out because it gives such a good and nourished finish to my skin every single day.

I was at the Marina Beauty event that was held at Century Park Hotel Senayan and wore all baby pink outfit, what I love about the Marina Beauty event is that they totally were all about spreading good vibes and positivity for Indonesian women out there to always shine and remind others how important it is to take good care of your naturally beautiful skin while focusing on our own passions. There were a lot of inspiring talkers and I felt so honored to be there.


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