As I was thinking that maybe talking to you guys about how I love the beach would probably bore you guys haha, so instead this time I’m going to talk about the fun trip I recently had to Lampung. For some of you who probably have known me and where I used to go to a primary school in Lampung, of course there were so much memories I used to have in that lovely city. Fortunately, I get to have the chance to have a visit because I got invited to do a talk show there, and so I made time to visit some of my family who live in Lampung as well. There’s no way I didn’t make time to visit the beach in Lampung although they’re pretty far away, somebody recommended Mahitam ( Pulau Maitem ) for my beach trip while I was there. It wasn’t too far from the city and didn’t take too long to get the island by boat. The island is surrounded with emerging sands which connect an island to another, even though most of them was covered by the water while I was there. The water was quite clear and I was so satisfied that the beach has the most convenient spots for good pictures, there were some people selling stuff by the beach and also people who take care of the island by cleaning the beach and they were so friendly.

Besides all of that good stuff, I was enjoying much of my time with all the fresh air and amazing view. The boat man was really helpful too because he knew exactly the best spot for another good pictures which is the mangrove trees. Isn’t that great!

For the outfit I’m wearing my go-to which are soft and delicate tones for the beach, something soft blue for the top with a shade of cream for the pants. Oh I love this new white scarf from Mango, it’s a rayon fabric which makes it the most comfortable yet lightweight scarf ever.

For my outfit I’m also going to leave a link down below for you guys to check them out!



Pants & Scarf from Mango

For you guys who are reading this, I wish all of you the best day yet and don’t forget to have a nice getaway :)!

11 thoughts on “MAHITAM ISLAND”

  1. Hi kak! You’re so inspiring me 🙂 I really love all your posted especially for travel lead.
    November last year, my friend and I traveling to Mahitam Islands, and after look this post, I feel need to back to there! Ah I miss that place….

  2. mahitam island is the one of my favvv beach in lampung haha, but i recommended u must go to pisang island, pahawang, and teluk kiluan, in teluk kiluan we can see dolphins in early morning, the cottage in there is good to❤️🙆

  3. Selalu suka sama post blognya kak firr dan ga pernah bosen bcs i’m a big fan of beach too haha dan makin seneng bgt karna dapet pencerahan tips ke pantai dari kak fir yg postingan sebelum2 nya.Aku juga mau recommend pantai nih kak pantai2 di jogja namanya pantai sepanjang view nya bener2 lepas pantai bgt gmn ya bilangnya haha pokoknya berasa bener2 di pantai yg luas bgt.Semangat terus ya kak buat konten menarik di blog ❣️

  4. Hai kak firrr. I love your posted so much, your blog so vintage and ellegant. You can take my heart and my hand to make a blog about interest experience. So inspiring me. Mmm, by the way baju yg dipakai di pantai Mahitam sama hehe.

  5. Firr you are such an inspo! I love everything you do, your photography skills and classy style 😊 Barakallahu feek!

  6. Hai kak fira! Aku selalu baca blog ka Fira, selalu suka hihi. Kapan-kapan boleh coba tuh Pantai Natsepa sama Pantai Liang di Ambon 🙂

  7. it’s so beautiful firaa!! i like ur style ,ohya thanks for sharing beautiful place in lampung , i think , i have to vacation there!!! 🙂

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