I wore this when I was visiting Bandung with my friends, and they really like this outfit. You know how much I love it when they compliment me, it makes me feel like they’re really being a supportive friend, however, we really like compliment each other too.

By the way, Bandung’s weather is my favorite, it’s not too hot if I compare to Jakarta, of course. I wore this sweater and pants from Aleza Label when I was strolling around Bandung that day. I personally love the design, and I swear the material is so comfy, not wrinkly, and it’s soft and cool. I wore this all day long and I wasn’t complaining about it, it didn’t make me hot, didn’t wrinkle or itching my skin. @alezlabel knows how to satisfy their customer, and I give them 5 star for a local made. I don’t know about you but I really am proud of a local product, especially when it has a good quality of material, good cutting and friendly price even for student haha. Aleza Label sells not only top and bottom, they also produce party dress and hijab, just like an all-in-one shopping in a click of a website.

I almost forgot, their Instagram feed is so professional, I think that the way they do the marketing for the product, packaging and the shipping really satisfy me a lot as a customer. Since I’m loving their product line so much, what if I make a list of my favorite product from Aleza Label? So that you can easily choose the product and shop on a link down below. ( click image )

Instagram : Alezalabel


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