Sundays Beach Bali is one of my favorite beach that I visited.

Here I’m wearing this white outfit which is my favorite go-to color for the beach days. Beaches are where I enjoy the most. I just love how it gives such a good vibe just like how the Sundays Beach is. The water at Sundays beach is incredibly blue and clear, it has such interesting surroundings with sun beds and umbrellas.

There was a huge wedding held on the half side of the beach when I got there. It was super beautiful and exciting to see all kinds of people having their good time in one beach. what I love about this beach is that there’s a cliff that faces the best view and it was worth the visit.
There’s also a tramp going up and down the cliff to get the people to the beach and up to the cliff. The food at Sundays Beach are really good in my opinion and it’s worth a five stars service.

For the outfit, I’m loving how the broken white lace top matches my nude slippers with silver details on. It looks calm and soft at the same time. The lace top has pretty cute details which is the medium sized pattern, not too small and not too big in size. for the pants I’m wearing this white palazzo pants which is my favorite go-to pants for the beach that fits perfectly. And for the accessory I’m having this ethnic clutch that I got from KIM SOO.

It has such a nice details on it which is all about the beach. I really like how this slippers look on my outfit, it has such a unique details and design which compliments the rest of the look.

To be honest to you guys, I spent the whole day in this beach just because I love its surrounding and I really recommend you a visit whenever you are in Bali. I couldn’t spend my day at Sundays beach without getting into the water, and I’m so happy I got to.


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