For those of you who like nature and antique goods, with the environment that is far from city aswell, this hotel is the perfect answer.

It’s surrounded by trees which are shady and green, delightful crisp morning air, also filled with traditional Javanese vibe from the building itself along with the interior design, paintings and traditional puppet. Those things are really making it more artistic. The traditional Javanese ambience is so into the look of this hotel. It’s located on a high ground and a cold area so they also provide hot water for us to take a bath or just wash our face. You can find salak garden around the place and a river beside it. It such a pleasant experience to stay at this hotel. I used to stay at certain hotels which mostly have modern and minimalist design but I never thought that I would love trying this in a such different vibes. Sometimes you can easily find a minimalistic hotel with nature-ish concept in the city, but still, a countryside hotel is way more appealing, especially for the clean air. I was staying here for 2 nights in a two different rooms. On the first night, I stayed in R4 type of room which are nice. It has tv, comfy bed, and the best part is the bathroom is as big as the bedroom! The bathtub is so huge, and the bathroom design is so precious.

On the next night, I stayed in the junior suite room. The room is so big aswell as the bathroom, it also has kelambu(mosquito net) on the bed. Straight up all I think was my family back at home, it would be lovely if I took them along with me here since my parents really love a traditional countryside. This room got a pool view.

The pool water is so clear and it has a little bridge on top of it for people to get through it. I think it’s a good spot for me to take a picture here.

For the food, they serve Indonesian foods and also Americans,so don’t you worry about it if you don’t really like Indonesian cuisine or you don’t really come from here, there are some options for you.
The most memorable thing is the staffs, they are so friendly and quick. The atmosphere of Joglo Plawang and the friendly staff really make me feel like home.
I start my day with strolling around the hotel right after waking up in the morning. I can see river, garden, fish pond, blue sky and coconut trees, and also there’s a bicycle to rent for guests who like to wandering around the big road.

Anyway, it took only 20-30 minutes to the sunflower field in Magelang and some other tourist destinations from this hotel which are of course still in a countryside.
For the overall review, it is so cozy, the staff are really friendly and the traditional food are delicious, and also I can smell no pollution at all. But, it makes me wonder why there are a lot of bad reviews that compare it with other hotels in the city, for example “it’s too far from the city”, “too traditional”, “I can hear gecko in the night”, “it’s pretty dark”, “It’s too quite”,….
People are so funny, the hotel is meant to be traditional and it’s a sweet noise escape from the city, best for relaxation.
A little advice for those who are choosing hotel to stay, be wise and smart. It’s definitely not a choice if you’re looking for white and minimalist hotel, but it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for traditional hotel in Jogja.

This would be one of the most memorable experience I’ve ever had.


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