We all know how much I love my minimal style and simple shades of color. Now these shades that i’ll be talking about explains how obsessed I am with the nude trend. When I think of minimal and simple, I would often pick black and white or anything darker over any pastels as my go-to classic. What happened was I knew I needed to embrace the “simplicity yet still sophisticated” style of mine with all the other “clean” range of colors, and ofcourse, nothing too colorful. Besides of how Kim K often pulls it off (she’s damn fab), I got so hyped about the nude trend right when I figured out how it looks stunning on pretty much any skin color especially mine, and just how effortless my style can go with this shade.

In other word, It’s how clean and luxurious these range of color looks that can never go wrong with any kinds of outfit. Whether it’s the creamy shades, deep camel, or even the light hint of beige can be perfectly worn edgy or classic.

Because of it’s subtleness, it leaves room for the ideas to flow and build up your own style, such as pairing it with the good pair of denim for some laid back and classic style, some black pencil skirt for more of an elegant and luxurious style, or just with another shade of nude like how I chose to pull it off with.


So speaking of how I style nude, these are my go-to’s when it comes to my nude mood:

Top: H&M
This top is the comfiest ever, the oversized cut on its sleeves and how soft the material is makes it look bomb. Plus, I’m currently into these kinds of not-so furry but fluffy looking material. (Pardon my not-so clear material description)

Pants: Zara
This nude simple pants from zara compliments my nude outfit by keeping it comfortable and chic. It has some pretty useful pockets on the sides which I like.

Glasses: Gucci
Oh I love this one, it’s my favorite Gucci glasses and it can never go wrong with my outfit. It has the simple classic gold frame in just the right size.

Shoes: A pair of simple baby pink heels.

So, for the sake of my personal style and love in minimalistic look, the shades of nude is necessary.

14 thoughts on “I’M ALL ABOUT THE NUDE TREND”

  1. Halo ka fira!
    I just found your blog and i enjoy reading your blog. You are fabulous in any kind of outfit , i don’t know why but i love a lot the way you dress up.

  2. Halo kak fira !
    So in love with all your style 🙂
    But, when i try to follow your style, i think it’s not too suitable in me ?
    But, i always see your style on instagram also read your personal blog kak 🙂
    Love it !
    Please make sure that you will post again in your blog every week !

  3. hai kak fira!
    this is my very first time looked this and damn i’m in love with this one of your style,even tho i guess this color doesn’t match with me but i’m gonna try this someday,thankyou dor inspiring me btw!?

  4. Really in love with ur blog and urself tooo!
    When i found you in instagram, i was like BAM
    This is gonna be my fav crush ever and i read all ur post too
    i always wanted to draw you ever since
    but i’m afraid my drawing will ruining ur beauty XD
    anyway good luck

  5. Hi!! I actually found your IG through these amazing pictures! As a hijabi myself I was so inspired by your style and how put together this outfit was. In love!
    Just wondering where you got your lovely hijab from and what the color is called.
    Much love and keep up the good work.

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