I used to get a lot of comments about what color that I like to wear, and most of the time I told people that I always wear something that has brown, black or white in it. If you guessed that I love brown, well congratulations, you are right! In this post, my outfit is from Hijabenka, from head to toe. If you don’t already know what Hijabenka is, Hijabenka is an e-commerce site which has so many different brands and it is specialized for those who wear hijab. I notice that they have a lot of neutral color and that’s why I like it. This trouser is my favorite, the fabric is so comfy and it has a rope on the waist. About the rope, you may see that my sleeve also has a rope on it… and I love it! The color combination is unique and it’s making it more elegant. Anyway, it could be tied but I choose it not to be. Also, I personally think that the bag and the shoes are the perfect compliment to complete my look.

You can find all of my outfits in the link down below. Happy shopping!

Top (click here), Bottom (click here), Bag (click here), Heels (click here)

By the way, what do you think? I think I look fit the most when it has brown on my look.


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