Using white hijab in Indonesia identically known for the school purpose, the same as brown color for scout or “pramuka”. If you went or recently are going to Islamic school, you obviously would get what I mean.

Honestly, white hijab is not my favorite, I keep putting those away for many years, but I really want to give myself a try to get out of my comfort zone this year, so, guess what? I happened to like a white hijab!!!

It was that time when I went to Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 to attend my old school’s show, Lasalle College Jakarta as alumni. I remember when I was a freshman student, I went to the graduation show there to do some photography and stuffs, and now I get back here as well even after I graduate. I never get bored to attend some fashion shows because there will always be some surprises with new designs and colors.

For this year’s JFW I decided to wear white hijab along with full set of white top and white bottom, a white as in a broken white with black line plaid, white heals sandal, and broken white Gucci bag. This is actually one of my dream bag!

Since I’m so down for white hijab, why am I not trying to pull off a white bag as well? I’m loving everything about my outfit that day. Oh anyway, have you realized that I tucked all of my hijab in to my top? I thought it rarely happens to me, and not to mention that my friend looked so chic and pretty in Tjerita Senja Dress, available at lafiye.com.

I also wore this dress when I was in Paris (I’m not lying this dress is so elegant and beautiful!)

I’ll talk and share about it later in my next post!

11 thoughts on “HIJAB IN WHITE? WHY NOT”

  1. back again with your stylish fashion 😆. I’m not confident enough to wear white, hopefully I can try it someday. Maybe u can share some fashion tips ?, I’m going to look forward for it

  2. this is such a cute look! love the tucked in hijab and loose turtle neck situation. Not gonna lie you and Najma Ahmed make me reconsider white hijab. Can’t wait for more blog posts. Love from Bali

  3. hi ka firr!! finally i bought lafiye instant in fay broken white, bcs of u ofc!! <3 . pas aku liat ka firr pake, langsung I immediately bought it. cantik bgttt and very beautiful omg i kenot:( . to be honest, I'm someone who is confident using Pashmina any color. but, I have a problem with being Percaya Diri dan Self Love so sad…

  4. halo kak fira!!! thankyou for sharing this. Mau cerita aja, jadi pas mau foto untuk buku tahunan aku lagi bingung banget karena outfit aku cocoknya pake kerudung putih (warm white gitu), tapi aku ngga pede karena aku cuma pake kerudung putih pas sekolah aja karena seragam, tapi karena aku liat foto foto kakak pake kerudung putih di ig aku jadi pede pake kerudungnya buat buku tahunan dan ternyata not bad lah hasilnya senenggggg😋😋 makasii kak fir<3

  5. Halo ka.. please update blog tentang outfit go to campus ala ka fira dong 🥰 penasaran banget gimana. O iya saya jarang banget liat kaka pake skinny jeans, emang gasuka atau gimana ya ka? Semoga di reply or dibahas diblog / ig ya ka❤️

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