I am so into this product right here which most of us know and talk about, Glossier. I’ve been trying on some of their makeup and skin care which I thought works amazingly on my skin. Besides, I’m also in love with how simple and clean their packaging is and how they make everything so aesthetically eye catching.
Their colors and design are just nice that it doesn’t over-do to how good the quality of the product itself. Speaking of the product, I really like how glossier makeup comes with such a minimal yet pretty range of shades. They only have some shades that suite beautifully to pretty much any skin tone out there. These products have been so hyped about because of how good these are and I’m impressed by how this glossier hype thing is real.
So as I was talking about what I think about the whole brand and overall product, I’m also going to be giving you guys some review about the products that I’ve been using and loving as well.

Cloudpaint dusk

So this Cloud paint product is one of their makeup range which is basically a user-friendly gel-cream formula blush that I think is inspired by how the sunset skies turn into mass of soft colors. The Cloudpaint comes in four different shades, such as a light pink (puff) , cool pink (haze), berry (beam), peach (dusk), and a brownish nude. As for this product I’m using the dusk shade which is a rosy-rust color that I love best for my skin tone. The gel-cream formula is what makes it bomb, because of how cream blushes can leave streaks on your cheeks or a full unbendable color, this cloudpaint blends smoothly and a little goes a long way it’s like applying a pretty smooth sunset cloud in a tube.


Stretch Concealer light

This concealer is like no other. I’m totally impressed with how highly-pigmented it is and how beautiful the formula leaves my skin looking just clean and flawless. I should say, that this is actually my favorite ever concealer since I don’t use much other concealers, it’s because of how I can wear this concealer on its own and doesn’t leave blemishes to my skin. It has such a smooth and easy to apply formula that suits my skin tone and not making it look cakey at all. I love minimal makeup and this concealer just makes it a lot better by concealing any imperfections without me having to put on any other product on my face.


Gen g cake

For the glossier lipstick product, Gen g cake is also one of my favorite and I love just how smoothly it applies on my lips.

Boy brow

Because of seeing Miranda Kerr using this one brow product from glossier, I must get my hands on them. I honestly have never really been into brow gels because of how I haven’t found the best for my brow, so before using this brow gel I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade which doesn’t really look as natural for my everyday makeup. I’m using the boy brow in the shade black because of how it suites my brow shade perfectly. If there’s one glossier product I had to chose, that would be a hard task for me because of how I love most of them but this boy brow has gotta be the one I would definitely go to.
For these pictures of mine I’m using the stretch concealer in medium, the Cloudpaint in Dusk, and the Boy brow in black. To be honest I even have 3 lip balms from glossier because of how obsessed I am with the whole thing.

For those of you who are looking forward to get some Glossier products here in Indonesia, I recommend this Instagram @e.refiew where you can order only original glossier products. And you’re welcome.

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  1. hai kak fir
    aku follow kak fir karena selain cantik, kakak juga inspiratif. menurut aku kakak punya style sendiri yang beda dari kebanyakan hijaber lainnya dan kakak selalu nyaman menjadi diri sendiri gak peduli orang mau bilang apa. You are very inspiring! (instagramku @wandanabilah)

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