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Getting ready for an event really does take a lot of time, and since I’m that someone who always take pictures right before the event and not much while I’m at the event because of how it can be a bit uncomfortable. So instead of taking pictures of my self, I like to just spend my time hanging out and just socialize while I’m enjoying the event. So here’s the Get Ready with Me blog that I’ll be sharing with you guys while I’m dolling up right before the event.

Here’s the part of me picking out which pair of shoes and bag to wear tonight to slay my outfit. As you guys can see, the back ground of this picture perfectly matches my outfit which is pretty elegant and I’m definitely giving this an extra 11/10 just because I love every single details and color combination of its whole interior design. I like how there are mirrors everywhere and for those who asked on my Instagram, this is the Amarossa Hotel Royal, Bogor. I was staying at the suite room type just in case you guys are wondering, for this room it has such a big space and it has 2 tv sets and 2 sofas. It has a pretty huge bathroom and I love how it’s filled with such pretty details.

This room is actually filled with golden yellow atmosphere which gives it such a royal touch and it makes me feel like being in a beautiful castle. I’m so excited to share with you guys some pictures of the food that I ordered from the room service and give some reviews about it as well. I ordered a chicken cordon bleu and a mango juice that I love because I always like mango juice. I would say this one tastes really fresh and also for the food, I honestly enjoy it too and I’m impressed at how this hotel actually serves good food as well. Because of it’s going to take a long way to the event, a little bit of meal is a must to keep me filled throughout the night even though I’ll be eating again later at the event haha.

Speaking of the food, I had a breakfast at the hotel and I also love how they have good amount and quality range of food. They serve pretty fast and they have good service too. Their friendly and pleasing service makes it a lot more fun being there. Here are some really good pictures at the breakfast restaurant.

What makes it even better is, they also have a prayer room (mushola) to pray jama’ah which definitely is good for a family trip or even meetings.

There’s also a Gym and a swimming pool and if you guys stay in a room on a higher floor you would see such a beautiful town view. This hotel is located in such a strategic area where it’s located near by the shopping mall and not far from the high way. So, why would you guys not try and have a stay at this hotel?

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  1. selalu suka dengan tulisan fira, simple epic dan ambiece foto nya kerasa banget. super love it !

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