I really love white pants!, I love neutral colors, basic stuffs, and simple look! I have so many white pants in my closet.

The difference from all of those pants are just the materials and from what brand. White pants from ZARA is my favorite, ugh!
I don’t really into pattern stuffs like floral, but I tried a different look so I bought this floral bomber jacket from Stradivarius, super cute!! and I purposely bought it because it’s not too thick as you know Indonesia is a tropical country so I don’t want to torture myself wearing such thick jacken in a hot weather -_- and I matched it with pastel pink hijab, if I wore black hijab it would be a super-dead-color. Because the outer is already super girly, i tried to make it look simple with the black top.



I just want to remind you guys, don’t be super excessive with your appearance if you want to look stand out from the others. Just be true to who you are, and appreciate with what you’ve got! xx

9 thoughts on “FLORAL BOMBER JACKET”

  1. You’re still young and very talented.

    I really love your style and the way you photograph it.

    you’re very detail and meticulous while doing your job. I believe one day you will be one very successful photographer in fashion industry not only in Indonesia but international wise.

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