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This month I got a project as an assignment from one of my lecturer. And I was super excited about it because I often think about how is the concept and the theme about it. So the theme is about Fairy, Fairy Project. It’s all about Fairy, from the accessories and of course the long ear like Tinkerbell. Because I want the result of the photos to be soft I use Lighting Okta Box. I’m happy that the model is also my friend, Xena, and she’s happy about the result of these photos. Yeay!

Model : Georgia Xena

Makeup & Photo by me





2 thoughts on “FAIRY PROJECT”

  1. Hai kak Firaa, I’m tasya. I’ve read all of your post, and I think you’re amazing with all your photography talent, fashion style, and your inspiring story. I like photography too, and from all the picture you post (which I love all of them) my most favorite one is this fairy project! and I’m shook when I read that you also did the make up! It’s damn goooooddd.
    btw do you use mirrorless camera, if yes can you recommend any type? and also if it’s okay I want to ask about your photography career, and how you could joined in a project, ect? Thank you kak sorry for asking a lot of questions, anyway so happy to found your blog! 🙂

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