Hi, I’ve been very busy with my final college assignments recently and I will finally be graduated after I finish my internship program. Therefore, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for my new blog update but hey, here I am. If you’re wondering what school do I go to and where it is, well, I go to Lasalle Jakarta majoring in photography. All of my photography assignments are mostly outdoor but there are some projects that could be done indoor aswell in the photo studio. However, I spent 80% of my time mainly on the computer screen to do some editing and final layout assignment, that’s why I’ve been in my room for days. Sometimes it gets very tiring and stressful, so I used to cheer myself up by going out and eat with my friends, to freshened up my mood and to be more positive. If you notice some of my recent blog posts, I’ve been wearing much colors other than the colors that I used to wear which are black, white or brown. And lately, I’m loving this outer printed ethnic from ethnicme. You can find the link down below if you’re interested in the exact same look of mine. A lot of people asked me about it on Instagram and Instastory over and over again although I always mentioned the link to it, haha but it’s okay I love netizen.

In my opinion, this outer is really meant to be worn to some places like Sumba or Bali or other places that have a strong flow of ethnic tradition. Honestly, I’ve wore this more than twice, to a cafe, campus and I also wore this when I went to Jogja, it’s so simple and I’m loving it. I really recommend this outer for you who are looking for ethnic pattern, you can find it on Instagram @ethnicmine , and don’t forget to give me credit on that. Here are some pictures of me eating nerds candy, sandwich and fries, and I have no idea why I am so happy that day, maybe it’s because of the fries, it’s love…

Anyway, in my last blog posts I wore green, yellow, and now it’s blue!! What color should I wear next? Should I give it a try on red?


Place : BEAU


5 thoughts on “ETHNICMINE”

  1. Jujur pas ngeliat kentang goreng jadi laper hahahaha

    Anyway nice blog fir,selalu menghibur pembaca dari konten yg kamu buat!

  2. Alasan aku follow kak fir itu karena kak fira wajah nya itu pesona banget, dan aku suka sama bibir kak fira , dan aku suka cara kak fira senyum kalo difoto.
    Kayak di snap ig kaka, yang kaka kasih tau ke folowers kaka tentang penipuan jahitan baju itu kak,itu kebaikan kak

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