Easy Home Made Cream Puffs (Kue Soes) Recipe

I’m sure some of the ingredients are already on the shelves in your kitchen.

The materials you need to make the fillings:
3 tbsp of sugar
3 tbsp of cornstarch
¼ tsp of salt
½ tsp of vanilla extract
250 ml of fresh milk
½ tbsp of butter

Pour down the sugar, cornstarch, salt, and vanilla extract in a pan, and gradually stir in milk until well-blended and making a smooth paste. Cook with medium heat, keep stirring ‘till the mixture gets thicken and bubbles popping up, then turn off the heat. Add ½ tbsp of butter, mix well, then cover up the pan to let it sit and cool. Make sure the consistency is thick. If you find the fillings aren’t thick yet, you can always add and mix up more cornstarch as it helps thicken the consistency.

The materials you need to make the cream puffs dough:
100 gr of margarine
1 tbsp of sugar
¼ tsp of salt
200 ml of fresh milk
3 eggs
125 gr of flour

Stir the margarine, sugar, salt, milk, and eggs well. Cook till boiling, then add flour gradually. Stir constantly until it’s smooth and mixed well, then turn off the heat. Let it sit until no steam, with mixer, mix in the eggs one by one ‘till it gets really thick. Tips: transfer the dough into a pastry piping bag, cut the tip, and make sure the hole is enough (not too small but not too big). Squirt the mixture and shape your puff onto the baking sheet. You can always use baking cups. Make sure you brush butter on every surface. Preheat the oven, set up the heat to 200 degrees, top and bottom level of heat, for 15 minutes. When the puffs rise, lower the heat to 180 degrees for 40 minutes till the puffs get golden brown. Take the puffs out of the oven and let cool for a while.

Cut your puffs open and fill in the fillings, using a piping bag is recommended. Your cream puffs are now ready to be served! I hope you like your creation <3 As I’m sure some of the ingredients are already on the shelves in your kitchen.

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