So for this trip I was in China with my friends and thanks to the Jakarta Post, Panorama and China embassy for making this trip happen. We spent such an amazing time because of how there are so many things we can learn from in China, there are so many places to travel and so many interesting historical places we can learn and visit. Plus, China is one of the country I was looking forward to visit the most. It was so fun that I got so overwhelmed by all the beautiful places and experience, I enjoyed every single places I went to although it was very crowded. So in Beijing, I visited the Summer Palace which is well known as one of the famous historical places in the world. Also known as the greatest building in Beijing, and It’s protected by the UNESCO as one of the world’s greatest heritage. It was built in 1153 by the Jin dynasty. It has such an interesting ancient and traditional architecture which is beautiful. This palace is surrounded by lakes and with a small island on the center. I also visited Terracota, which is one of the museum in China built near by the Chinese first Caesar, Qin Shi Huang. Inside we can see the terracota statues of the armies back in the caesar Qin time. It also represents the symbol of caesar Qin’s power. At Terracota, I found that the toilet actually sticks to the ground and while I was there I had some kind of my bad experience. So I was at Terracota and I went to the toilet. The bad experience was I accidentally dropped my favorite glasses into the toilet bowl and it got flushed automatically. But speaking of how I really like that glasses, instead of dipping my hand into that toilet bowl and quickly get it I decided to just stood there and just watch it as it flushed away. Lesson: If you love something that much and you lose it, remember that you would’ve done something worse to get that back, if not then you might’ve not love it that much. In china everyone is very fast and always in a rush, horns everywhere, the people are quite independent and individualistic. There are way too many faces and population I couldn’t even recognize any of the faces because of how many people you can pass by at once. I also tried this interesting public bike (mobike) that was available by the road. You can find these almost everywhere too and there’s an app for it which we can all use and it’s very convenient.

So I highly recommend you guys to do your own trip to China and if you already did, make sure to comment down below the places you love the most! Never forget to have toilet paper and baby wipes wherever you go there because you’ll thank me later.


3 thoughts on “CHINA TRIP”

  1. I also had a bad experience about glasses and toilet. I forgot to bring my glasses to home in the restroom after washing my face:(

  2. Great shots, as always!

    Anyway, I’m currently living in China and this year will be my 3rd year, things I love the most in China are public transportations, tourist attractions, and payment service (alipay). Thing I dislike the most is… public toilet, yes, if you know what I mean 😉 also, I can’t live here without VPN so thank you VPN! 💖

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