So recently I’ve been spending my evenings out for a good tea time with my good people and take a time in a day to just chill. I really enjoy the fact of how giving myself some quality time in the evening does bring me to a better mood each time, as for this one evening I was in a mood of wearing some casual yet still classic brown outfit with a touch of gold bracelet.

My love for this brown outfit reminded me so much of my childhood. I can never forget how I used to be sooo obsessed with the color yellow when I was little. That was the time when I felt like the happiest little girl on earth when I just got my brand new yellow pikachu umbrella, rain coat and not forgetting the boots. I was so happy to wear them all the time cause I thought I was looking hella cool. Fortunately, as I grew up I realized that I like brown better and too much yellow can be a little streaky to me. I mean, who would wanna see me in yellow head to toe, that ain’t cute. I used to own so much brown stuff when I was younger. I used to have my brown bed sheets, scarf, and mukena, etc when I was in a dorm back in middle school because I thought it was really pretty yet still neutral and flattering.

I guess brown will forever be my favorite color to wear because of how settle it is just like how I love the nude color for my outfit. I’d always think of brown as something classic and casual, it goes perfect as a statement piece to my outfit or even as my outfit itself and this is the outfit that I would wear everyday if I could.

I also love the fact that both the warm toned brown and the cool toned ones look amazing on any skin color when it is worn. It feels pretty with a little edge at the same time.

Not only how it does look good as an outfit, I’m also obsessed of brown makeup looks. Brown is just awesome. Speaking of my brown evening, I love this outfit that I was wearing for my tea time out and here goes the details about what and where they’re all from.

I’m pairing my brown outfit with my favorite nude bucket bag from Fashion Valet, it has such a nice shade of nude and it has some gold details on the stripe, I also like how it’s a good quality bag.

I’m also pairing it with the peach color pants from Uniqlo and I’m obsessed this pants. It has the perfect cutting and the perfect shape that fits me perfectly. It comes with some other colors which I do own too, because who doesn’t like something that looks good and comfy at the same time?

Lastly, the perfect silky brown scarf from my Lafiye new collection. It has the perfect shade of cool toned brown which I like and it looks good on anyone. It just makes everything else look put together and a little fancy. After all, It was the perfect well put together outfit for my good tea time in the evening.

7 thoughts on “BROWN FOR THE EVENING”

  1. Hi Fira I am Malaysian but currently living in Quebec. I really love your style, it looks simple but really good! Btw, where did you get your top? It’s really good!

  2. My mother loved brown too. Trust me, I even hate the color at the first time. Because momma give me all the stuff with the color brown. My heart and my mind was screaming “why must be brown?”. And time is running as well, I love the color too (thanks to my mother hhh). I thought “what happened? That my soul” “What are you looking for? Get up, that what you love is neutral like brown”. Now I’m literally stuck in brown, nude, even black and white. Rotating in the same color haha

  3. I am really curious about your horoscope. What is your horoscope? I am asking this question because I heard that those whose horoscope is capricorn love brown most.

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I like your style, tapi boleh gak? Lain kali bikin blog tentang Cara fotografi gitu,, ok thanks.

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