Speaking of the topic “be your own woman”, there must be that self-love and self-respect popping out in our minds. Well, this topic is based on my thoughts about my goal to get to a point where we can fully love ourself. So I came out with this idea that to “be our own women” we got to have the courage to dream big and in a way to achieve all those crazy goals we have to put ourself first. It’s all about embracing all that you are and finding yourself.

As a (growing up) young woman, I do have my own passion which is being a photographer. In fact, my passion and my confidence is something I must always work on and it doesn’t happen right away. It took me a lot of work and effort to be in this journey. I have always wanted to learn photography since I was 15 and started doing things such as taking courses and going to a photography school until I made it as my full-time job.

It took me quite a lot of self-improvement, self-reflection and all those crazy stuff ’cause of course, it wasn’t perfect when I first started finding my own style which I first struggled in putting the best outfits together, and pulling off the look that I can finally call my own style.

We all know that everyone has been through that phase where they have no idea what they’re wearing and their style can be quite a mess (alay) just like how I once experienced it haha.

So then I knew I have to always do better. I started to work on how my outfits can go well with my personality and make sure that I feel good with how I look in different trends. I mean, who wants to look completely the same in every single ages and trend. We all do want to have the good kind of difference.

Speaking of do better, I have this story to share with you guys. One day when I was in a school reunion I met this one old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while and she greeted me and started telling me how different I look in a weird way as if it’s a bad thing. Well that wasn’t the problem, the problem was she then talked about how she looks at other people which I thought was still as bad as the last time I talked to her. The other thing I realized was that she didn’t really change at all nor to a better person, while I thought that she should’ve worked on herself too and ditch what’s bad for her.

That moment made me came to a realization where I think whatever you do and how good you work on yourself, people will always have something to say about it. You just have to deal with it and do you, because at the end of the day it’s your dream that matters.

Here are some quick tips from me on how to be your own woman:

Know your worth. You can’t be your own woman when you treat yourself bad and let others treat you bad.
Put yourself first. You have to love yourself first before you love others, and give to yourself first before you give to others.
Be the woman you always wish to be. Think of your woman crush and realize that you can be just like her or even better just if you appreciate yourself enough.
Gratitude. Take a look at what you love most about yourself and write them down to remember what you’re grateful for.
Understand that what’s on social media is not their real life. Sometimes we’re too overwhelmed seeing other people’s life and wish to have things they show on social media. Honey, nobody’s life is perfect.
Discover your passion. Know what you like, what you want, and where you want to be, and work for it.
Work as hard as you can to achieve them cause nothing good comes easy.


“You really have to love youself to get anything done in this world. ” -Lucille

There are a lot more ways to be your own woman and the answer is within you, only when you start to “do you”.

Photo by : Kepin Helmy


7 thoughts on “BE YOUR OWN WOMAN”

  1. this is so beautiful, fir. but aside from all your beautiful words here, theres one highlight: “be quite a mess (alay) just like how I once experienced it haha” like … WHEN? i ve been following you since your followers no more than a thousand and now youre having hundred thousands but still gorgeous!

  2. always love the way you think. you literally are my inspiration.
    also want to be a photographer just like you. planning to wear hijab soon, and already bought some from lafiye 🙂 do sum’ tutorial?
    have a nice day, firrr!

  3. So inspired m! i’ve been working on low self confidence and after read this it’s encourage me more to discover myself and i’m definitely will try to love myself. thanks fir 🙂

  4. hello firaa! thank you for telling your experience with your hijab style. i’m as woman with hijab, i’m very proud of you with your style hijab and also photographer with a gorgeous hijab style. it’s make a good impression that all women with their hijabs sure have a great experience just like you

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