Hello peeps! I was so happy because yesterday I got the chance to took photos in fashion show at Bazaar Wedding Exhibition 2016! It was the biggest wedding exhibition in south-east Asia, fyi! This exhibition is a must-attended for a couple who wants to get an inspiration for their wedding. I’ve got a goosebumps everytime I see the wedding dress that appears there, can’t even imagine if I can wear one of those dress 😀

So, me and my other 3 friends from LaSalle College Photography really appreciate this opportunity given by our lovely lecturer, Ms. Dianty. And we take this opportunity as much as possible for an extraordinary experience.

Here’s the tools that I used, Canon 5D Mark III with lense 70-200 F2.8, at backstage I used fix lense 50mm 1.2. As I arrived at the exhibition I didn’t get a spot to took photos, I didn’t give up so I decided to went to the front row in hope to get some spot, then I finally made it! Between those professional photographer that mostly boys, I hope my my result as good as theirs.

There’s so many booth inside this exhibition like, Bridal & Groom Suits, Florist & Decoration, Souvenir & Accessories, Make Up & Hair Do, Wedding Supports, Photo & Videography, Wedding Cake. Wedding Organizers are ready to take on this exhibition!

Bazaar Wedding Exhibition will be held from 26-28 of february 2016 at Ballroom 2-3 The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta. Visitors also can watch Wedding Photography Exhibition from famous photographer line Marsio and Kay Marseno. Along this exhibition there will be talkshow with many interesting topics.


Designer : Yosafat Dwi

Photographer : Firrrr

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