Here’s another blog about the place I went to in Bali! I know guys, I’ve been talking a lot about that trip but you who doesn’t when it comes to the best summer destination of all time?. It’s been the most sunny and beautiful days in Bali and I just couldn’t stop getting my hands on my blog and talk to you guys about all my favorite places that I went to and all these outfit trends that I love.So as you guys can see how much I talk about floral outfit here, I should say that I really am into them. I love all these floral trends because of how it gives my whole outfit some kind of vibe and personality that suits me. I’ve also been pairing my floral outfit from Zara with some loose jeans (also from Zara) because I’m obsessed with oversized jeans. It’s totally comfortable, totally in style and totally me. I love how oversized jeans look on my body type and I like how oversized jeans can look good on any body type. I’ve also been getting myself to get used to wearing loose pants instead of the fitted or tight ones because of loose jeans are now my go-to. I’m obsessed with this black pointy slip on because it gives such a elegant summer look to my outfit.

For the place, I’m also in love with this one I went to. It gives such a good vibe and good outdoor surrounding. I love how everything looks just perfect and effortlessly summer. The pool side is totally on point, summer vibe at its best and I had such a great time there accompanying my friend for a swim.
Besides, it’s one of the most well-known destination in Bali that I totally agree.


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